Shower Curtain Roller Rings Antique Copper Plated Brass Set of 30 by the Renovator's Supply

Tired of tugging at your shower curtain to get it to move? These shower curtain hooks:
  • Feature antique copper plated BRASS for durability
  • 6 ball bearings that glide smoothly along curtain rods
  • Unlike our competition that sell 5 or less ball bearings
  • Prevent tears in your shower curtain & liner
  • Prevents scratching your curtain rod
  • Prevents that SHRIEKING noise!!!!!!!
  • Super size set of 30
Price: $ 32.00  

Shower Curtain Roller Rings, Shower Curtain Hooks. Glides smoothly, quietly & effortlessly along shower rods. Prevents tears in curtain liners. Imagine no more tugging at the shower curtain. Renovator's Supply's ROLLER BALL Shower Rings have 6 BALL BEARINGS on the top to prevent SCRATCHING the rod. UnlikeRenovator's Supply's competition that sells them with 5 or less ball bearings. Made of Antique Copper Plated Brass. Set of 30. Measures 2 3/4 in. H to fit standard shower curtain rods.

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