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We have Tub Faucets, hand-held showers, and bathroom accessories to make any bathroom look great. Create a distinctive statement with an elegant Tub Faucets or our exclusive Hand held Showers. Looking for something contemporary? Or something more old world style, whatever it is you're lookinng for we have it. While you're at it look over our selection of bathroom accessories designed to complement our Tub Faucet selection and our faucet and sink hardware selection. Low, factory direct prices with free shipping on orders of $125 or more.

Chrome Tub Faucets 16557 by the Renovator's Supply
Chrome Tub Faucets Chrome Tub Faucets

Constructed using the finest materials, our faucets come with the Renovator's Supply no drip, no tarnish guarantee. You won’t find a better faucet at any price so shop the original Renovator's Supply & Save!

Prices start at $144.00
Tub Surrounds 17609 by the Renovator's Supply
Tub Surrounds Surround Yourself with a Sensational Shower

Our tub enclosure sets include a faucet, diverter, showerhead, riser & brace, to enhance your antique tub with a refreshing shower. Unlike many of our competitor’s enclosures, ours have anti-scald valves & anti-siphon vacuum breakers to meet all local codes. These features have established our tub enclosures as the standard for quality in the market. Free Shipping Seals the Deal!

Prices start at $37.00
Handheld Showers 16557 by the Renovator's Supply
Handheld Showers Handheld Showers for your Bath Tub

Whether you want a complete tub set or just a single item we have the fixture for you. No one offers a better price on high quality tub sets like these. Durable, Elegant, Stylish fixtures that mount to your clawfoot tub or wall. They’re easy to install and maintain and they'll perform well for years to come. Shop online today for free shipping on orders of $125 or more.

Prices start at $68.00
Supply Lines, Drains & Overflows 97457 by the Renovator's Supply
Supply Lines, Drains & Overflows Supply Lines, Drains & Overflows

Our tub hardware will last a lifetime because we use the highest quality brass. Our supply lines won’t rattle like some of the competition’s and the finishes on all of these products are guaranteed not to tarnish, so this hardware will look great for years to come. Shop online today for free shipping on web orders of $125 or more.

Prices start at $33.50
Brass Tub Faucets 13605 by the Renovator's Supply
Brass Tub Faucets Solid Brass Tub Faucets

These sturdy faucets will serve you well for many years! You'll find a wonderful selection of tub faucets at terrific prices right here at the original Renovator's Supply. Shop online for free shipping on orders of $125 or more.

Prices start at $172.50
Tub Faucet & Shower Parts 13608 by the Renovator's Supply
Tub Faucet & Shower Parts Quality Fixtures are a Sum of Parts!

When you purchase a tub fixture from Renovators, expect it to last. But if somewhere down to the road your should need a spare part, you can rest assured that we will strive to keep spare parts in stock.

Prices start at $40.50